Zanerva has partnered with the worldwide payment processing website PayPal to provide you with a fast and secure option to complete payments for your workshops online. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discovery card to complete your transaction.

INSTRUCTIONS: (Please read before you click the "Buy Now" button)

First -- Please ensure that you've already received an official Zanerva e-invoice with the invoice number and the amount clearly stated.

Second -- Enter your invoice number and the name of your workshop on the space provided at the bottom of this page, before clicking the "Buy Now" button below. Afterwards, you will be directed to the secure Zanerva PayPal payment page.

Third -- On the Zanerva PayPal secure payment page, look at the upper left hand side where you will see the "Order Summary" column.  Under that column, you will find the "Item Price" box. Enter the final total amount that is stated on your invoice.  Afterwards, click "Update". This refreshes the page so that the final amount will be reflected. 

Fourth -- Make sure that you are paying in Ringgit Malaysia. If you would like to pay in US Dollars, please go to this part of our website

Fifth -- If the credit card that you plan to use has already been linked to a PayPal account earlier, then please log in using your PayPal user name and password. If you have never linked your credit card to a PayPal account, then scroll down and choose the "Don't have a PayPal account" option and enter your credit card details. Afterwards, click the "Review and Continue" button. 

Sixth -- You have the option of adding your delegate(s) name under the "Special Instructions" section. You also have the option of sharing with us your contact information that we can use to notify you in case there is any problem with your payment.

Seventh -- Please make a final review of your payment before clicking the "Pay Now" button. 

Eighth and final step -- You will be redirected back to the Zanerva page if your payment was a success. 

If you experience any problems during your payment, feel free to call Farah or Maria at our Malaysian office: +603-21696364 or send us an email at 

You can start your payment process below 

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