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As a Sales Customer Advocate, you will be in charge of:

a)          the selling and marketing of Zanerva’s workshops to its international clients

b)         researching and looking for new and potential clients

c)          managing their accounts and catering to their future training needs


These are the characteristics you should possess:

1)      You need to be proactive in educating yourself and be quick in grasping new ideas --- Zanerva’s workshops are technical, specific and cover different business and management topics. A Sales Customer Advocate does not need to have a background or degree in a specific area, but you need to be able to grasp and understand technical and business concepts, and at the same time be able to communicate them to senior decision-makers. You should have the tenacity and the proactiveness to quickly absorb briefing materials, study, memorize and do ADDITIONAL research online.

2)      You need to pay attention to details – You need to appreciate and understand the value of paying attention to details when you work with us.  Zanerva adheres to a clear way of record-keeping and a customer relationship management system. A successful Sales Customer Advocate should be able to work with this and understand that there are consequences if proper details and record-keeping are not done.  

3)      You should know how to motivate yourself -- There are many ups and downs in selling. Your boss and your colleagues in Zanerva will train you even if you don’t have a sales background. But at the end of the day, you are the only person who can keep yourself going. A lot of people are going to say “NO” to you. So how hard will you push on your own to look for those who will say “YES”?

4)      You should be honest – Your success in getting clients will not matter if your methods were not honest and in-line with the rules and guidelines of the company.  Zanerva strongly adheres to the principles of trust, transparency and honesty, and you should be able to fit well into that kind of company culture. 


Send your application along with a cover letter EXPLAINING IN YOUR OWN WORDS WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CURRENT BUSINESS ISSUE OR NEWS IN MALAYSIA AND THEN RELATE IT TO UGANDA IN AN ECONOMIC, POLITICAL OR SOCIAL ASPECT.  Provide the link of any article or source that you are going to use.

Send your cover letter and application to  to be reviewed and called for a first interview.  

Prior experience in sales is not a requirement, because we will teach and guide you once you join us!  Twitter: @zanerva    Instagram:  Zanerva