David has taught professionals from the following organizations: 

  • Abu Dhabi Airports Company
  • Al Jazeera Children's Channel
  • Axiom Telecom
  • Bank CIMB Niaga Indonesia
  • Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia)
  • Central Informatics Organization (CIO) Bahrain
  • Chuan Sin Sdn Bhd (Spritzer)
  • CTRM Aero Composites
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi
  • Eon Bank Bhd
  • F&N Holdings Bhd
  • Indo Tambangraya Megah Indonesia
  • Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute of Malaysia)
  • Iskandar Investment Bhd
  • Islamic Development Bank
  • Kasikorn Bank Thailand
  • King Abdulaziz University
  • Labor Market Regulatory Authority of Bahrain
  • Lembaga Zakat Selangor
  • Maybank
  • MIMOS Bhd
  • Multimedia University  Malaysia (MMU)
  • Naza Automotive Manufacturing
  • Perodua
  • Proton Holdings Bhd
  • Qatar Museums Authority
  • Qatar Telecom
  • RHB Bank
  • Saudi Capital Market Authority
  • Saudi Stock  Exchange (Tadawul)
  • Securities Commission Malaysia
  • SME Bank
  • Technip Geoproduction
  • Telekom Brunei Bhd
  • Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB Malaysia)
  • TH Technologies Sdn Bhd
  • The Savola Group
  • Time Dot Com Sdn Bhd
  • TM Berhad (Telekom Malaysia)
  • Union National Bank


Expertise:   IT Cost Savings and IT Change Management


One of David Baumann's most memorable projects was when he worked on a proprietary commercial project with a financial organization that invested and developed in a technology that was capable of storing massive amounts of files and data. The problem was that the creation and maintenance of this technology was costing a huge amount of money – at a time when the company needed to save.  David was able to negotiate a deal wherein vendors shouldered the cost of development and maintenance of this technology for the client. 

He also worked with Ford (actually he worked with all the major car manufacturers in the US) when they wanted to carry out a large application outsourcing deal spanning Germany, US and India that dramatically cut costs for their operations. He also worked with General Motors when they developed an accelerated solution center whose aim was to reorganize their approach to applications to save with vendors and part acquisition. 

David also worked with a major broadcasting company in the US when they wanted to develop mobile applications but didn’t want to spend the money for it. How they were able to get other software developers and other mobile companies such as Nokia, Siemens and NTT Docomo to do it for them is also one of his major achievements. 

And one of his personal favorites was how we worked in India when it wanted a USD 25 billion build-out of its wireless-in-local-loop telecommunications system that helped bring wireless and broadband connectivity to millions of people while helping the local government and the company that won the contract cut costs. 

David Baumann is the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of TechNexxus ( and a Partner in Technology Law Partners. He specializes in technology transactions, value management programs, IT and business process outsourcing, as well as communications, intellectual property, media law, social commerce and Green IT matters. TechNexxus is a consulting company that has worked with 70% of the Fortune 100 companies in the US. He is one of the founding partners, Vice President and General Counsel of the Technology Partners International (TPI) which is currently the largest IT and business process outsourcing consultancy company – having over 650 consultants worldwide. He is also a Division Counsel for Southeast Division of MCI Telecommunications.

David has sourced and closed over $450 billion in transactions using a wide range of outsourcing and procurement strategies. He also has experience implementing commercial-off-the-shelf contract and spend management solutions (ex: Ariba, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Capterra). Yet aside from that he has designed, built and implemented enhanced contract and spent management solutions, including robust contract assembly and        management tools, workflow capabilities and analytics using inexpensive, free and Open Source software components.  He also developed several successful software applications, including Utilicom which is a system for searching governmental databases for known environmental impairment and the McKesson Supply Chain and Inventory Optimization System. 


His work in telecommunications has included every conceivable technology (including  transatlantic and transpacific fiber, IRUs, TCP IPv4 and v6, VoIP, OSS/BSS systems, microwave, satellite, cellular wireless, switch, data, RFID and entire telecommunications systems for several countries) and transaction type (including several of the largest telecommunications transactions in history).

Automotive and Manufacturing 

David understands the automotive and manufacturing industries, and he understands how to optimize sourcing, technology and processes to assure these industries survive, and thrive, in the face of the tremendous challenges presented by today's economic environment. He worked with them when the automotive and manufacturing industries most needed revolutionary change over the past 20years -- e.g., manufacturing resource planning systems, advanced environmental systems, application outsourcing, robotics, mergers (e.g., Ford, Mazda, Volvo) and divestitures (e.g., GM / GM-E / EDS)

Financial Services and Insurance:

David has worked with most of the major financial institutions, financial services companies, stock exchanges and insurance companies in the US on a wide range of information and communications technology projects, including software development, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) management, voice, video, data, unified messaging, outsourcing (mainframe, GDPS global and metro mirrors, servers, desktops, call centers, applications,  mobile computing, RFID, business continuity, disaster recovery, computer and storage clouds), supply chain optimization, data services, intellectual property, privacy, rediscovery, data center sourcing and optimization, storage resource management, business process engineering,    enterprise resource planning, encryption, customer relationship management, social networking, security, identity theft, advanced analytics, Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) Global and Metro Mirrors. As a part of his extensive experience with the high performance and high availability requirements of the financial services and insurance    industries, David has worked with 5 different major clients to successfully design, source and implement GDPS Global and Metro Mirrors, and to manage the 6-fold increase in storage requirements associated with using Hyper swap technologies to replicate data synchronously and asynchronously.


Over the past 21 years, David has worked with seven of the largest utilities in the world, and five of the largest utility regulatory groups, to develop innovative and creative solutions and to deliver exceptional cost savings and value. This includes Real-time Supervisory Control, Generation, Transmission and Outage Management Systems and Automated Meter Reading (AMR). David worked on several of the first automated meter reading (AMR) and RFID projects for major utilities, and has since worked with several utility clients to develop leading edge wireless meter reading technologies and assisted them to leverage these processes in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Oil and Gas

David has closed more than 30 large outsourcing deals in the oil and gas industries. He understands the massive amounts of computational horsepower required to support exploration, research and development activities and the robust back office systems required to support these Fortune 100 business operations. These transactions have enabled his clients to focus on their core competencies while obtaining cost effective and efficient resources on demand. His projects include one of the first large multi-vendor outsourcing transactions involving co-sourcing with a team of suppliers, the Halliburton Corporation, and their oil and gas exploration division Brown & Root. The joint vendor management agreement David crafted tightly coordinated all supplier activities and responsibilities, and delivered exceptional value to all participants.