The Risk Free Rate -  Cash Flow & Treasury Management

Zanerva's Partner Consultant, Leon Grandy, discusses the details of the Risk Free Rate which is an important aspect in Operational Cash Flow & Treasury Management & Forecasting.  This workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur and included a discussion on sovereign/government debt. 

The Rounded Thinker Workshop

Zanerva and Ayadh Farooq (Vice President of UAE National Development of First Gulf Bank)  created "The Rounded Thinker Workshop" as an answer to the lack of a proper and focused "thinking" training in the Middle East region. It's the perfect workshop for senior employees in an organization to refresh their thinking skills. It is also ideal for new recruits and young management staff who need to evolve their thinking to help solve problems and contribute to the organization.   

Advancing the Cause of Women Using the New Media

An in-house workshop organized by Zanerva for the Malaysian Ministry of Women's NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women (NIEW). It was held in Kuala Lumpur and had participants not only from the Ministry of Women, but from other advocacy groups and NGO's in the country.

It is very important for women's groups and governments that legislate and promote policies for women to use Social Media side by side with traditional media to get their message across. The workshop was a great success and Zanerva is very happy to have been part of the effort to educate, enlighten and give great ideas for the benefit of women in Malaysia!

The Social Media Landscape in Asia

Zanerva's Partner Consultant, Julio Romo, discusses the Social Media landscape in Asia.  He also shares why Public Relation professionals need to understand these trends and use the new media side by side with traditional channels for their campaigns. 

It's not about just having a Facebook or a Twitter account...

Zanerva Partner Consultant, Julio Romo, shares his core beliefs about Social Media. It's not just about having  a Facebook or Twitter account. It's not about the technology nor the platform. The question that companies should be asking is "how and what do you want to COMMUNICATE with your audience?" 

Advanced Public Relations & Communication Strategies Workshop in Bali

During Zanerva's Advanced Public Relations & Communication Using the New Media Workshop session in Bali, Zanerva's Partner Consultant Julio Romo discussed best practices in using various social media channels for public relation purposes. He cited Air Asia as a case study and he dissected their strategies for increasing the popularity of their Facebook page. 

How did Al Jazeera use Twitter in Egypt? 

During Zanerva's Advanced Public Relations & Communication Strategies Using the New Media Workshop held in Dubai, Julio Romo (Zanerva Partner Consultant) shared how Egyptians were able to view Al Jazeera News during their country's most recent revolution even after the internet went down.  People turned to their mobile phones and Twitter!

How has Social Media changed the job of Public Relation Professionals?

"How has the internet and social media changed the way PR professionals, especially in government agencies, interact with the public and their bosses?"  Wong Giok Leigh - Head of Publicity and Corporate Social Responsibility from EON Bank was tasked to share the views of his group mates which, interestingly enough, included Thomas Rainor Ralon - Head of Corporate Communications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia and  Mohd Anas Iylia Mohd Azlan - Assistant Secretary of the National Security Council of Malaysia. This was taken during Zanerva's Advanced Public Relations & Communication Strategies Using the New Media Workshop in Malaysia.

Crisis Management using the New Media

A fictitious food company is accused by netizens of driving up the prices of cocoa beans.  Jaclyn Shariff Ang from Iskandar Investments Bhd Malaysia presents the action plan that her team designed in order to deal with the crisis. This video was taken during the Advanced Public Relations & Communication Strategies Using the New Media Workshop in Kuala Lumpur. 

How Do You Manage Your Employer Reputation?

Zanerva held a workshop on Employer Value Proposition with our Partner Consultant, Simon Thomas in Kuala Lumpur. In this video he discusses in detail how to manage an organization's Employer Reputation.

Employer Value Proposition

During the Employer Value Proposition Workshop in Bahrain the delegates were split into teams and asked to create the Employer Value Proposition for a fictitious organization.   This is the creative product of the team composed of Ebrahim Helal and Naif Abdul Aziz Al Fadher from the Ministry of Shura Council and Representative Affairs of Bahrain, Faiza Rahmatullah of the Petroleum Development of Oman, Yusuf Ahmed Al Thani from Civil Services Bureau of Bahrain and Anfal Al Qumaish from the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration.

TNB Malaysia IT Cost Savings In-House Workshop

Tenaga Nasional Berhad Malaysia (TNB) asked us to conduct a special two-day in house training for their IT department on the topic of IT Cost Savings & Cost Optimization Strategies. Our Partner Consultant,  David Baumann, created a game to test the participants' knowledge on Base Case Modeling. Can you guess which team won?

Green IT Strategies

The IT heads of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority of Bahrain, Axiom Telecom, Savola Group, Qatar Telecom, and Al Jazeera Children's Channel excitedly participated in the game that tested what they learned about Green IT Strategies during the workshop on IT Cost Savings and Cost Optimization Strategies in Dubai.