What is the future of Customer Service?

Regardless of who manages your Social Media accounts, Customer Service professionals and Operations Departments all over the world have begun to understand that they too need to be highly skilled in handling customers on all social media channels. The responsibility of managing Social Media accounts have blurred between Customer Service, PR and Marketing.  In a realm where complaining is instant, can  go viral, and with people wanting answers fast -- how can you enhance the Customer Journey?

This well-loved workshop returns with updated content and glowing testimonies from professionals that have attended over the years.  

Best Practices in Social Customer Care is for Heads, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Executives and Officers of the following departments: 

  • • Aftersales and Dealer Development

    • Agency Mgt & Sales

    • Call Center

    • Cards and Retail Banking

    • Complaints

    • Customer Relationship Mgt (CRM)

    • Customer Service

    • E-Channels

    • Front-Line Staff

    • Loyalty

    • Marketing

    • Operations

    • Patient Services

    • Prepaid

    • Public Information

    • Public Relations

    • Retail

    • Sales

    • Service Quality

    • Student Services Admissions and Alumni Services


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